I’m running to be your next Attorney General because we need a competent, conservative fighter willing to stand up to the left in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion. In 2017, like today, I was a busy wife, mom, and successful attorney. I was frustrated with the leftward direction of our nation.

I decided to do something about it.  I put on my tennis shoes, got together with my friends and neighbors, knocked on thousands of doors, and ultimately defeated an incumbent House member. Two years later, my senator was too far left as well — so I did it all over again and defeated the incumbent.

Now, as a State Senator, I’m Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I’ve been honored to lead the charge on some of the most consequential conservative reforms in a generation. 

We’ve passed Value Them Both, reformed our tax code, passed a constitutional amendment to rein in regulatory bureaucracy, and I helped rewrite our emergency management act to rein in Governor Kelly’s overreaches. To put it simply — we fought the liberal agenda and we won!

As Attorney General, I’m not going to sit on the sidelines and maintain the status quo, I will be the same policy leader I’ve been in the legislature and will smartly and capably fight the liberal agenda every chance I get. 

The bottom line:  We have paid much too high a price for Kris Kobach’s loss of the Governor’s office.  We can’t afford to repeat the mistakes of the past and allow him to be our nominee for Attorney General.

1.) Protect our freedoms from Government Overreach

Never in our nation’s history have we seen such aggressive overreach by the government at all levels than in the past few years. State attorneys general are uniquely positioned to fight back and defend our freedom against an overreaching federal government and warn about the abuse of state and local powers as well. As attorney general, one of my first initiatives will be to create a new task force focused on the Tenth Amendment, which will be specifically charged to find ways to fight back against the abuse of government power at all levels. 

2.) Defend A Pro-Business Kansas

Mainstreet businesses and start-ups across the Sunflower State are struggling to get back on their feet after the COVID-19 pandemic. High taxes, unnecessary litigation and stifling regulations only make that worse.  I’ll fight the leftist agenda which seeks to dismantle our right to work protections and I’ll support pro-growth strategies that allow our small businesses to grow again. Outdated, unnecessary and job-killing regulations must be dismantled, and I will work with the legislature and state agencies to make sure that happens.

3.) Aggressively Defend Our Conservative Values & Reform a Liberal Bureaucracy

The office of Attorney General carries with it great power to help define our conservative agenda in Kansas. Key policy reforms that protect freedom and limit harmful regulations will truly re-define our state’s legal trajectory for a generation. I will use the Office of Attorney General to push for vital reforms and build public support that will be necessary to pass these measures. In my opinion, it is highly imperative that conservatives utilize the full power of the office to both aggressively push for aligned public policy reforms and chart out innovative legal strategies which can help defend our values in the courtroom.