Defending Our Constitution

The radical left believes that our Constitution can evolve and change over time.  It is my belief that our Constitution must be protected and defended, as written.  As Attorney General, I’ll defend both our federal and state constitutions from those who see both as living, breathing documents that they can mold as they see fit.  I’ll also advocate for reform so our Kansas Supreme Court selection system is accountable to the people.

Protecting Our Second Amendment

I have been endorsed by the NRA and KSRA in both of my campaigns for the Kansas House and Kansas Senate.  I will work to defend the constitutionally protected rights of gun owners and fight every day against the Biden Administration’s gun-grabbing policy agenda.

Limiting the Overreach of Government

During COVID-19 we saw our state and local governments far too often overstep their authority, shutting down private businesses and even placing severe limits upon when and how churches could conduct services.  Whether it is out-of-control regulations or the Biden and Kelly administration’s seeking to enact their policy agenda by executive order, I’ll work to stop them and protect the liberty of Kansans. 

Standing with Our Police

The radical left’s attempts to defund our police are terribly misguided and dangerous public policy.  I will stand with our police and strongly oppose efforts to reduce law enforcement funding and training.  Our men and women in blue will have a vocal defender and reliable advocate in the Attorney General’s office.

Punishing Law Breakers

As the Senate Judiciary Chair, I helped guide to passage critical legislation which increased the penalties for stalking minor children and recording sexually suggestive content.  I will work with law enforcement and county and district attorneys across Kansas to keep our families safe and ensure that law breakers are punished and held accountable for their actions. 

Defending Life

Protecting innocent life was one of the main reasons I ran for office in the first place.  I’ve always been pro-life. In the State Senate, I shepherded to passage the Value Them Both constitutional amendment which protects scores of pro-life laws in Kansas from a judiciary intent on allowing abortion up to the moment of birth without restriction and taxpayer funded abortions.

Private Property Rights

As a property law attorney, I’m keenly aware of the need to stand up against the Biden administration’s disastrous 30 X 30 plan.  I firmly believe that the government should be small and limited in how much it impacts our daily lives.  Sweeping proposals to seize privately held land or tell private landowners how they can operate their land is the exact opposite of small government.  I’ll never stop defending the rights of private property owners from a government seeking to tell them how to manage or if they can even continue to own their own land.